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UV Mapping by Wings 3D
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UV mapping of only Wings 3D
It is efficient when UV mapping and control of a polygon can be done with the same tool. I couldn't do UV mapping with Wings 3D well till now. But, it was discovered when that was possible when the "Snap Image Mode" was used.
*Used version 0.98.17g

Non Photo Realistic Texture
I make texture by vector drawing tool. It can cope with a non-continuous UV. When it is this condition, an advanced function is unnecessary at editing UV coordinates. And a low data rate as to the high resolution. (Reducing file size is easy)

Low-polygon model
It is the factor which makes work concise that the number of polygons is low, too. But, it thinks that this method is convenient even for the high resolution polygon model. (Probably)

Result sample
First, you should plan a texture apply faces. Then, one dummy texture file is imported twice. Two kinds of texture are being used for the head in the upper figure.

Generate UVs
"Snap Image" is chosen in Snap Image Mode. The "New" material which has a UV coordinates is made. And, that has texture, too. "New" material manages texture and faces and UVs.
*It gets confused when a snap does a face (another material) except for the plan. Apply material carefully at a stage of preparation.
*As for the face of the material which doesn't have UV, it can't be applied to the "New" material. Wings 3D crashes with AutoUV. (I experience it with ver0.98.17g)

Choose UVmap image in the outliner window, and export it. Made texture is imported and drag and drop to material in the outliner window. (Texture type is Diffuse)

UV mapping to the symmetrical object is presumed. When it isn't symmetrical, it thinks that the control of the distance and the angle is difficult. In that case, fix a camera, and turn an object. (Not test)

Camera angle which I chose
See an upper figure. An angle "B" is important. This may be the front in usual. This is the best angle in the range that I tried. This was chosen because there was the least distortion to draw a curve. Furthermore, it was necessary that a curve could be drawn continuously, too. Try to look for the angle which is the most suitable for the purpose.
The model of the head
This example is the same as the model of "Low-Poly Modeling Tutorial". The angle and faces which is different when other models are used is necessary.

Details of angle and faces
An interactive viewer (160KB)
*Requirement : AXEL & FLASH Player
*Not test MacOS

Refer to this position when you do a snap image with a Snap Image Mode. Be careful with the control of the camera. I'm using "Mirai" in the camera mode.
*Use orthogonal view

A UVmap (Edge line image) is made by AutoUV. Move to the AutoUV mode every time you quit the Snap Image Mode. at concrete process is explained in the next chapter.
Camera control (UV mapping theory)
UVmap "face"
High details texture area (gradation) is expanded. Low details texture area (single color) is small. Same detailes texture area takes the same size. (If possible)
UVmap "hair"
A zoom is fixed. A hot key Z, Shift+Z, X and Y are used. Track with arrow key. Object rotated at "R". It is arranged in accordance with other size at "P".

UVmap can't be made only by the Snap Image Mode.
It is surely used with AutoUV. UV coordinates information is made an image (UVmap) by the operation of AutoUV. In other words, it is when "Save UV Coordinates and Texture" is chosen at the time of the quit of AutoUV. Then, that can be seen when the next Snap Image Mode is used.
Editing UVmap
For example a position on the face of the nose is edited with AutoUV as the upper figure. Refresh texture if an image becomes dirty with the change of the arrangement. Then, make UVmap by the latest UV coordinates.

How do you like it?
It isn't difficult if it tries several times. Enjoy it! :)
Some news
Saved Views (ver0.98.22) g r e a t ! :)
Snap Image workflow improved (ver0.98.21)
AutoUV restored the Scale command. (ver0.98.20a)
* Use "Create Texture" for saving UV map.
Added new command to Snap Image Mode. (ver0.98.19c)
-Scale Snap Image, Move Snap Image
*With TAB Key

Wrapping angles
Though it isn't actually trying, the control of the camera will be easy. But, the choice of the face may be difficult. Do you try?
Sampling angles
The average angle of some faces's normal can be extracted. (Probably ) Try some times, and grasp a point.

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