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Web3D:Real-time control of 3D character by AXELedge™ of MindAvenue™. Low-poly modeling by Wings 3D.

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Revival! Download files other than a tutorial have deleted.
Blog My blog site was made. There is some information of Wings 3d and XSI and VRML.
Create Music The music made by GarageBand is being used for TCM and Dancing Girl. It is 30-second (200KB) file's loop.
Create Character A Flash edition was added to the low-poly head tutorial. It is suitable for the screen size 1024x768pix. (Like iBook)
Gallery Inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Movie). That space is being created by the sound, light, camera action.
Gallery "SUIKA WARI" Game. Operate a 3D character with a mouse, and destroy a watermelon.
My website displayed MindAvenue™ SHOWCASE.
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Monitor Calibration
Gamma value is adjusting to 2.2. Probably old contents are bright because the gamma value was high. Reference link

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