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Modeling tutorial for SILO

Low-Poly Modeling Tutorial for Beginners
For control a surface deformation in real-time at AXEL.
It is suitable for the screen size 1024x768pix. (Like iBook) "This" is the Flash edition of the following all tutorials pages. It is navigated if it clicks on both ends on the right and left of the window. Open "This" in a QuickTime player, though an extension is swf. (Win/Mac)
*This tutorial was made before Ver0.98.10.
*A tutorial can do without clacos Slide plug-in.

Template file(ZIP/230KB)
*Wings format

Preview of FlashHead (Only 20 pages)

Template for Wings 3D
A template image is the color scheme which observed the continuity on the surface of a head. This color scheme is effective for discernment from a XYZ axis. The division of the color is not muscle, but it puts emphasis on the flow (edge ring) of the polygon. When a beginner recognizes a form, this thinks that it is easy.
The proportion of head is based on Andrew Loomis's ruler.
Some on-line documents and archives of Loomis's books.

Skull in AXEL helps your modeling (not medical )
Preview (42KB) Download Standalone version (Browser unnecessary)
Win (938KB) / Mac (1.7MB)
Stage 1 (89 pages)
The contour of the head is decided first.
Stage 2 (100 pages)
Improvement in the basic contour.
Stage 3 (182 pages)
The position of the eye and structure are modeled.
Stage 4 (98 pages)
The initial shape of the eyebrow and the eyelid is made.
Stage 5 (133 pages)
A nose is modeled. Arrangement around the mouth.
Stage 6 (139 pages)
A lip and a jaw are modeled.
Stage 7 (143 pages)
An ear and a former head are modeled.
Stage 8 (105 pages)
Hair and eyelashes are modeled. Then, completion.

*A part of the structure (mouth, eyelid...) is being optimized for the control with AXEL.

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